SodaCraft – The Stand!


I’m very excited to announce that starting this Thursday (June 23rd) SodaCraft has it’s own stand on Thursdays at the Ferry Market Farmer’s Market.  From 10-2 we’ll be jerking sodas and enjoying our new spacious environs, right next to Hapa Ramen.  In fact, you can still order our sodas from Richie and Co.

To celebrate, we’re going big with THREE flavors!  On Tap:

Stone Fruit Sucker Punch – Made with White Peaches, White Nectarines and Red Plums. It tastes like summer. (Richie’s Favorite)

Bada-Bing Cherry Vanilla Bean – Made with Bing Cherries and Madagascar Vanilla Beans.  The soda you wish your deli served. (Sky’s Favorite)

Xtra Dry Ginger Ale – As always, made with a pound per gallon of Fresh Juiced Ginger and Eureka Lemons.  Ginger lovers only. (Eli’s Favorite)


SodaCraft Float


AND get your float on with scoops of McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil Ice Cream by our friends at Humphry Slocombe.  (my favorite!) We like it in the Ginger Ale – ginger and olive, who knew?! – but if you ask nicely, we’ll drop it into any of our sodas.


3 Responses to “SodaCraft – The Stand!”

  1. Neil Butterfield Says:

    These sound absolutely awesome, I especially like the sound of the Bada-Bing Cherry Vanilla Bean soda. Well done and I wish you success.

  2. Jake Says:

    I could use some of that artisanal refreshment to get me through this Phoenix summer. Any chance you could move the Ferry Building to the south west?

  3. claire Says:

    Hi Jesse, looking forward to stopping by now that I’m retired. Chkout the NYTimes article and video about Brooklyn Farmacy and soda making. Thought of you. Best to you, C