Off a Cliff


Today is my last day at my “real job”.  As of tomorrow, no more regular paychecks, no more desk, no more safety and security.

Starting today, I’m turning to food and beverage related pursuits full time.

How did I get here?

This blog was originally started as a creative outlet, an escape from the drudgery of a day-to-day IT job.  I naively assumed that this little side project would be a fun distraction, and an appropriate place to post some photographs.  I liked to write, and even from time to time felt like I had something to say.

Fast forward to today: Beer & Nosh has expanded to more I ever imagined.  It’s become a (semi) respected part of the local food community.  I’m still amazed when people who aren’t my mom (Hi Mom!) tell me how much they like it, read it, and follow up on ideas and suggestions I make.  Without getting to soft and squishy about it, I’m very proud of the impact this blog has had.

It’s also reached beyond the computer screen and into the real world: I’ve sold out every beer dinner I’ve ever planned, and am constantly hounded for when the next one will be (specifically,  Notoberfest.  I’m working on it.)

Which brings me to today, and my newfound status as “self employed”.

So what will I be doing?  SodaCraft and Almanac Beer.  These are what will be my “real” job now.  I’ll be brewing beers and sodas and then taking the city of San Francisco by storm with my fermented treats.

First up: SodaCraft

The reception to SodaCraft has been nothing short of phenomenal. I suspected there was a market for sodas made in the style of local, seasonal ingredient driven San Francisco cuisine, and so far my sales have supported this theory.  Starting in June, I’ll be brewing these kegs full time, and selling directly to the public.  Where will you find me?  Thanks to the unbelievable support from Hapa Ramen, I’ll be jerking (yes, that’s the real term) sodas at Ferry Building Farmers Markets on Tuesdays and Thursday (and the occasional Saturday), inside the Hapa Ramen stand. Look for a rotating selection of seasonal flavors, as well as more floats featuring Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream.   We’ll be growing fast, and are already laying plans for addition markets and food cart meet ups to host us. Keep an eye on the SodaCraft blog and twitter feed to see where we’ll be popping up next.





Oh, and then these’s my other project: Almanac Beer. Damian and I have been hard at work building our brewery from scratch, and are very happy to report that our beer is in the bottle, and nearly ready for it’s public release.  In fact we can even put a date on it.  June 30th.  We’re extremely proud of what we’ve made and hope you’ll love it as much as we do.  It’s dry, with a fruity aroma and a sturdy malt and oak structure to hold it all together. Head on over to the Almanac Beer Blog to see us blending the final beer together and putting it in bottles.  We’ve got some great events up our sleeves, and are busting at the seams with excitement.

Lastly, there this blog, the one you’re reading right now.  For better or worse, things are going to change around here.  Now that we are licensed, I have to observe a set of rather strict (and yet at the same time amorphous) legal guidelines regarding what I can and cannot say publicly. I’d love to use this blog as a billboard to tell you exactly where to get our beer, but I’m afraid I can’t.  A slew of post-prohibiton laws designed to protect consumers and business from the alcohol production side of things means that Beer & Nosh will be changing.  To what exactly, remains to be seen, but a lot of what I’ve done here in the past, especially involving restaurants, is going to have to be evolve on a new tighter leash. (Not speaking my mind has never been my strong suit, so we’ll see how this works out.)

This isn’t goodbye to Beer & Nosh, so much as it’s a new chapter and evolution.  Of course you’ll have no shortage of places to hear from me moving forward.  I’ll be writing on the Almanac Beer Blog, The SodaCraft Blog, and maintaining a presence on twitter under my handle @beerandnosh.

So to you, loyal Beer & Nosh reader – I owe a huge debt of gratitude. This is the place where I evolved my voice, my vision and lasting friendships and relationships I’m building my new ventures on.  You’ve suffered through my typos and convoluted grammar over the last 3 years, through 290 posts and left 1,172 comments.  You’ve left feedback and questions, engaged in debate with me, and come out to dinners where my heady ideas about beer and food come together into an actual meal.  Without the community that’s grown around this blog I’d never be able to take the jump off this cliff I’m doing now, and land safely as the bottom.  So thank you, family and friends, for all of your support on this journey so far, and I hope to you soon for a soda or beer.

– Jesse

PS – Please, please buy my sodas and beer.  The wife doesn’t want to be homeless.

16 Responses to “Off a Cliff”

  1. Manic Organik Says:

    Good luck in your future endeavors!

  2. troymccluresf Says:

    Sir, as big an ass as you can be some times (just kidding, Jesse’s mom!) it’s been a lot of fun watching these projects unfold on this blog and on Twitter, and more recently in person. And while this seems weird to say to someone I still really don’t know all that well, I’m really proud of you for getting yourself to this point. And it’s especially exciting since I know first hand how good the soda & beer are, and I also hear plenty from people who’re just as excited as I am to see where this all leads. So congratulations, and I look forward to tasting many more of your goods, eye-lasers or not.

  3. SimonSays Says:

    Good for you! Rock on!

  4. Dan Says:

    Congratulations on making the jump! VERY much looking forward to another Notoberfest and to your new projects. Keep us posted!

  5. Brian - All Over Beer Says:

    Congrats Jesse. I wish you the best and look forward to all your future success.

  6. ssf Says:

    congratulations jesse! you’re living the dream! looking forward to getting my mitts on a bottle of almanac soon…

  7. object88 Says:

    Congratulations on the big move. I am excited for Almanac, and while I haven’t come across it just yet, I will surely give SodaCraft a go.

    You mentioned that you are prohibited from announcing where we will be able to get Almanac (as well as other things), but if we pointedly asked you, would you be able to answer? Or would you have to refer us to a distributer?

  8. Jason H Says:

    You’re a big, bright, shining star. Congrats buddy!

  9. Wendy Says:

    Congratulations on making the big move! Also, if you had time and the inclination, I would really like to talk to you about your brewing experience with the folks in San Leandro. Thanks!

  10. Nosh This Says:

    So happy for your success! Thanks for graciously sharing the name “Nosh” with me and not having Richie break my knees. I am so very much looking forward to getting some of this beer for my own.

  11. mcs3000 Says:

    Congrats, Jesse – awesome news! It’s going to be an epic summer with Almanac and Soda Craft.

  12. meredyth leafman Says:

    And yes, this is Jesse’s mom, who yes, is very proud of him/you! Someday you should share with your readers how you got started at the old age of 13 creating an incredible gourmet dinner for me!! It takes courage, balls and hope to take this leap and I support and cheer you as you take the plunge and venture forth! Here’s to SodaCraft, Almanac Beer, and You, dear Jesse (and of course your lovely wife, Eli!)

  13. Sam Says:

    That’s brave! Congratulations and best of luck!

  14. Jake Says:

    Looking forward to seeing how this blog will evolve. I’m also looking forward to trying the beer and soda. Sadly, I’m not in the SF area. I think you owe you old roommate an ordination present ;)

  15. Neil Butterfield Says:

    Hey, well done on taking this leap of faith. I wish you all the best in your self employed career and wish that you achieve all your goals and dreams.

  16. Cousin annelise Says:

    Awesome Jesse. Can wait to try the sodas! Also your beer is coming out on Baby Niko’s first birthday – June 30.