More SodaCrafting

Ready for more SodaCraft action?  We’re everywhere this weekend, bringing out fresh juice-based sodas to the people.

First up: We’ll be at the SF Chefs Unite Dinner pouring a special brewed Orange Gingerale. Check out the full menu and reserve your seats here.  It’s going to be a good time.

Then, SodaCraft is taking it to the streets! We’ll be jerking our fresh sodas with Pal’s Take Away this Sunday as a part of Sunday Streets.  Stop on by the corner of 24th and Hampshire between 11am and 4pm to find our sodas and Pal’s fine sandwiches.

On Tap: Our Ginger Ale, made with fresh squeezed ginger juice and eureka lemons, and the quickly becoming a seasonal favorite Orange Fennel, made with fresh navel orange juice and local fennel from Heirloom Organics farm.  All of our sodas are sweetened with organic cane sugar, and naturally carbonated via fermentation.

See you Sunday!

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