Wooly Pig Cafe

Wooly Pig Cafe

As my wife will tell you, I have a slightly obsessive streak in me.  Often it works to my benefit, such as when I’m nurturing a beer or soda recipe, constantly tinkering with it, redoing it, trying to get it just right.   Or the time I went on my lamb burger kick, constantly returning to the grill to make it just a little bit better. Other times it can be less productive – such as when I want the highest possible score in a video game.  It extends to restaurants too: I’ll find an exciting new place, and return repeatedly, trying everything on the menu and quickly achieving regular status.  It’s particularly true for lunch, where a strict time limit and limited choices out in the Inner Sunset where I maintain a day job mean that a new offering gets a lot of attention from me and my belly.

Pepper on Asian Tuna

And the new offering I’m at twice a week right now: Wooly Pig Cafe.  On a quiet street in between Golden Gate Park and UCSF, there are some great sandwiches being made.

It’s all about the details to make a sandwich move “pretty good” to “outstanding” and Wooly Pig makes the jump seem casual and inevitable.  Fresh daily bread from Semifreddi’s is toasted to order.  The green for each salad (and there are quite a few based on the house list of special sandwiches) are individually dressed like a tiny salad before being piled on top of the ingredients.  Housemade flavored mayos are kept ready to go, and squeezed with  abandon.   Clearly, I’m not the only obsessive in the restaurant when I visit.



Here are some of my favorites at the Wooly Pig:

Asian Tuna

The Asian Tuna – lightly dressed tuna is flavored with lime and wasabi, then dressed with fennel and avocado. It’s like a sushi roll re imagined as a tuna sandwich.  My go-to order.  You can see the finished sandwich getting final touches at the top of the post.

Briny Egg

The Briny Egg – Egg Salad served open face on a Ciabatta roll, mixed with pickles, capers and topped with anchovies.

And then there is my favorite sandwhich: the special Bánh Mì (Hidden Menus, get on this!).  While the normal one, made with pate and cold cuts is good and all, sometimes they break out the big guns, and offer and off-menu special.  The best is the black pepper braised pork shoulder, slow cooked and sliced thick under a  pile of lightly dressed green papaya salad.  All of which is put on a nicely toasted, soft roll (again, GREAT bread choices here.)

When I went in with my camera last week, a new filling had appeared: Vietnamese meatballs.


Meatball Banh Mi

Meatball Banh Mi

Surprisingly light, with a nice balanced sweetness from the basil, the meatballs were pretty good.  But the pork shoulder is still my favorite.

Of course, you could just get whatever soup is on special.  Last week, it was a coconut curry udon noodle offering.

Chicken Udon Soup

Of course, I have to mention the namesake Wooly Pig Sandwich: carmel braised pork belly topped with lightly dressed arugula.  The greens add a nice peppery balance to the fatty pork, but this is not a “go back to your desk” sandwich.  This is a “take a nap after lunch” sandwich.

Pork Belly

The Wooly Pig

The Wooly Pig

The Veggie Sandwich also reaches far beyond a veggie burger.  Slices of roasted beets, matched with goat cheese and french green beans.  Lots of texture, great flavors.  Even my IT coworkers love this one (an impressive feat.)

Veggie Sandwich

Veggie Sandwich

This also goes great with their house made iced teas – here is their blackberry infused tea.

Blackberry Lemonaid

Plus, there are nooks and cranny of their menu I’ve gotten to yet.  Such as their Croque Monsieur or turkey melt.  Guess I’ll have to go back, and extra time to try that too.

Croque Monsieur

Turkey Melt



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6 Responses to “Wooly Pig Cafe”

  1. Phil Says:

    I want to swim in that soup. This place looks fantastic. I’m a total sucker for Bánh Mì.

  2. MB Says:

    I have walked by this place on my way to Amoeba so many times and never thought to head in. I am on my way now to grab the egg-salad and some soup!

  3. MB Says:

    Mission accomplished! Got the briny egg which was very good and the lime/curry soup of the day, which was outstanding. I am definitely going to be working my way through this entire menu over the next couple of weeks!

  4. SAS Says:

    Not only do they make great sandwhiches, they are super-nice people. I love this addition to the Inner Sunset!

  5. Steve Hoyt Says:

    When I took that first bite of the Wolly Pig sandwich, it was like the ending of Ratatouille where he eats the ratatouille and his whole life flashes before his eyes. IT’S THAT GOOD!

  6. foodhoe Says:

    I love the name. oh if only they would open an outpost in Walnut Creek… I’m so tired of togos and subway!