Introducing SodaCraft

Photo by Jordan Ching

For the past few months, I’ve been regularly brewing sodas for the New Taste Marketplace, each month combining sugar, fresh hand-squeezed juice and yeast to create fermented sodas.  These sodas had a light sweetness character, loads of fresh fruit flavor, and were a great compliment for the creative and unusual wares of the market. To my delight and surprise, I found myself selling out of sodas and even garnering a little bit of local media attention for them.  Each month I refined my process, improved my recipes, until I had something I think I think is really great, and worth putting a name on.  Which brings us to now.

Introducing SodaCraft.


We make handcrafted sodas using local and sustainable produce. All of our draft sodas are lightly sweetened with cane sugar.  We aim to be on tap at local farmers markets and street food events in San Francisco.

With the help of the always delicious and foul-mouthed Hapa Ramen, I’ll be floating a little soda making test balloon this Saturday at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market to see how they fair in the big leagues.  So stop on by – I’ll be in the back at the Hapa Ramen stand, dodging flying pickles and noodles to pour my sodas.

On tap this Saturday: my Ginger Beer, made with fresh juiced ginger, eureka lemons, cane sugar and bakers yeast. The fresh ginger juice provides a floral bite (this is not a ginger beer for the faint of heart.  Ginger lovers only.)  Along side it will be Fennel & Navel Orange, a bright soda bursting with spring flavors – a great match for a bowl of ramen or a Ryan Farr cheeseburger.

So come on by the Ferry Building this saturday for a soda and bowl of ramen.  You won’t be disappointed.

PS – My outstanding logo was designed by Damian Fagan, who also happens to be the other half of Almanac Beer. Speaking of Almanac – our license was issued by the ABC this week!  We’re now scheduling our first bottling run, and WILL have bottles on the shelves this summer. For reals.  Check out Almanac’s twitter feed to stay on top of upcoming launch events and dinners.

5 Responses to “Introducing SodaCraft”

  1. Ben Says:

    Sounds tasty – How did you get started on recipes? Pure experimentation? I’d love to try my hand at home-made soda.

    And of course, any recipes you want to share would be welcome :)

  2. Jesse Says:

    Thanks Ben. The recipes are largely based on experimentation and flavor combinations I’m interested in. As for recipes, maybe later, but now for, I’m just focusing on getting the business off the ground.

  3. meredyth leafman Says:

    The ginger ale is scrumptuous! I’ve had the pleasure of drinking it at our local family weddings! Including mine to Barry a year and a half ago! So for me, the ginger ale is liquid love! You go Jesse! So proud of you!


  4. JeffB Says:


    Congrats and best of luck on a really cool business idea. I remember a post back a few months ago describing some of your sodas. They all sound so good. I know you don’t want to divulge recipes, but can you give me a standard ratio water/sugar/fruit juice. I have some greta Meyer Lemons from my yard that are at the point where we have to juice them or loose them. I think I have an empty keg available between homebrew batches, that I could make a batch in.

    Also, I can force carbonate, is there any reason not to? I am guessing you believe so since your soda is all naturally carbonated. I just want your expert opinion.


  5. Kimberley Says:

    Really exciting news all around! I can’t wait to try your beers.